*Exclusive* YUZEN Japanese Sencha
All YUZEN teas are exclusive and single-plantation/estate.
Sencha is the most popular variety of green tea in Japan. The forest emerald green needle-shaped leaves brew to form a delicate golden yellowish-green liquor. The mild yet refreshing savoury umami taste and a healthy dose of caffeine makes it an excellent morning or afternoon tea.

Japanese green tea - commonly referred to as 'The Elixir of Life', is steeped in a rich and deep history tracing back over a thousand years. Naturally delicious and refreshing, its properties promote and enhance well-being for the mind and body.

YUZEN imports all premium teas directly from our exclusive partners - one of Japan's most iconic and prestigious green tea plantations and producers. A multi-generational family business with incredible heritage and owners of a beautiful tea plantation located in the tranquil hills of Shizuoka - Japan's leading producer of exquisite tea and home to Mount Fuji.