The London Paper: "If coffee in the West End (and we're not referring to Starbucks) seems better than the rest of London, it's probably because most cafés are being supplied by Markus Coffee..." "One of the finest coffee shops in London. This little gem is right on the edge of Connaught Square. The shop has a small seating area right next to the window giving a delightful view of the residents and the goings on in and around the square. The coffee is roasted in their special roasting oven and the smell of roasted beans drifts through the square. An almost irresistible smell. They have a fantastic selection of coffee for you to choose from all kept in old fashioned tins as in the old days." "Huge sacks brimming over with coffee beans of every different variety decorate the floor boards of this historic establishment. Savour the smells of freshly roasted and ground beans as you select your preferred blend from the age-old packing machine that forms the shops center piece."

The Guardian: "Markus Coffee's Santos Dark and Light makes wonderful thimbles of thick Turkish, which I perfume with Cardamom."

The Independent: "One of London’s specialist coffee shops - an establishment that fills the street with heady aromatic gusts."