Why buy coffee beans from us?

Unlike other online coffee sellers, you can be assured that our coffee beans are fresh and not taken from a frozen supply. We do not import coffee beans already roasted from other companies as many of our competitors do. We have in store roasting facilities, a rare feat which has allowed us to serve millions of customers since opening in 1957.

To be enjoyed as it should be, coffee must always be freshly roasted and ground from the highest quality green beans. Markus Coffee uses the skills of its buyer to purchase the very best quality coffee beans from around the world. Once the beans arrive on site, our highly skilled blenders and roasters take over, and produce a magic variety of coffees carefully crafted to suit every discriminating palate and taste. To ensure that our coffee beans are supplied in the utmost optimum conditions, we roast every day and deliver within 24 hours of roasting. We are sure that our coffee will provide a better and more enjoyable beverage than those made from vacuum-packed coffee held in warehouse and depots.

Unsure of which coffee?

We are aware that choosing a coffee can be a tricky task, so we are more than happy to grind beans and serve you a sample in-store facilitating your decision. Otherwise, please do not hesitate to contact us for any advice; we will be delighted to be of your assistance.